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  1. beth finley says:

    I contacted you a while back about this piece…I am wondering if it is still for sale? I know its a long shot but i never hurts to ask.

    • Annie says:

      Hi Beth,
      That’s wonderful although I’m pretty sure I responded but who knows if something was lost along the way! I’m not sure which piece you’re interested in but the items we have available beyond some small things are the milk painted cabinet and 2 Windsor chairs. These here: Let me know if one of those is the one!

  2. Lesa Fadness says:

    Hi Annie,
    We live in Bend Oregon and have a family owned and operated salsa business. We have been the locals favorite for 22 yrs.
    I dont make a green salsa so thought I’d surprise friends and family with some during the holidays as a special treat. Your recipe (altered a bit) is fantastic. Thank you for sharing.
    I was reading about you and your husband (which honestly I never get into a blog) and you both sound like a perfect fit in Bend. Come check our little resort town out in the middle of Oregon. I think all your ideas and creative business style would fly real easy here.
    Where is the mo’s people were talking about. Our Mo’s restaurants are all at the coast.
    Thanks again

    • Annie says:

      That made my weekend, Lesa! We certainly hope to get to Oregon and we’ve heard more awesome things about Bend over the years. Now that I know you’ve got an amazing sounding salsa business all the more reason to go! Our pups would do so much better in a more pet friendly area too. Thank you so much for writing!

  3. Lesa Fadness says:

    Your dogs would fit right in also. We were voted the most dog friendly city in the US

  4. joyce thomas says:

    I have been following your pieces on CL and absolutely love them. I really like the dressers you have overhauled. Then I started reading your blog and really enjoy your adventure in DIY. I remember reading your blog one day about finding the perfect “gray”. Did you ever find one? I thought you said it was Benj Moore “eternity gray”. You liked it because it was the closest you could find that was a true gray color. The others had showed many shades with blue or green tones.

    I too am a DIY person. I am in the process of painting my bedroom (after I complete both bathrooms) and was leaning towards the gray. Most of the mags and other info have suggested Benj Moore “pewter”. Any suggestions??

    I live in a small town called Hampton and work at Malt-O-Meal. I am also interested in finding three drawer dressers to use as my night stands in the bedroom. If you come across any that you would like to sell, give me a shout. I am always looking on CL but most of the stuff don’t quite have the special touch. Which you do so beautifully!!!

    Thanks again… Stay warm….only 6 more weeks of winter per the ground hog….Joyce

    PS-I also saw one of your pieces on “Pinterest”!! Good for you!!!

    • Annie says:

      Aw thanks, Joyce! I will keep an eye out for some night stands. We ended up going with Sherwin Williams Passive even though we weren’t convinced it was the right one in the end. It has since grown on us. The Ben Moore Eternity was lovely but a bit more blue than we wanted, at least with our lighting. We didn’t try the Pewter shade but I like it. It was a bit darker than we wanted to go on the sample in the store so we passed. We might revisit that one for another room down the line though. It is so nice to “meet” you. We wish you great luck in your DIY’ing! Come on spring!

  5. DeeDee says:

    I’m interested in the modern grey dresser…is it still available? What are the measurements? I’ve been looking for a mid-century piece for my son’s bedroom and this would be GREAT!

  6. alice says:

    Hi! I saw where you’d talked about using hemp oil on furniture. Where did you get it? What was the name of it?



    PS Love your furniture! It’s beautiful

  7. Adam says:

    Hello Annie
    How exciting to see your dresser on apartment therapy! It looks fabulous, well done! Thank you for using and sharing the wallpaper.
    All the best,

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