Camera Apps and Project Updates

With all the happenings going on in the world I can’t recall the order in which the below photos occurred.  They were definitely from the past week/weekend.  Guess you could say this is our life according to Instagram my iphone camera apps.

With exciting photos like this of us waiting for our car maintenance, why would you NOT follow us on Instagram?  

After the car repairs, we went to Target (a regular trip we do on Fridays) and I found these cute tins in the $1 bins.  

I started using my Instagram account for public view (it has been set to private on purpose for a long time).  It is shared with my food blogging life (the name is under thedabble-my food blog) so you’ll get a hodgepodge of furniture, food, decor, and anything in-between…as you can see.

Picked up some more stripper (and that is a cookbook bookmarked with paint swatches cause that’s how I roll).

Soy gel stripper in action.  This is the antique Martha Washington sewing cabinet which is a stripping nightmare and is taking a looonngg-with 2 g’s-time to remove the previous finish/stain.

Greg made this veneer jointer out of one of his hand planes and some scrap lumber-notice the nails for traction left on the scrap piece from when we took out the closet doorway.  Clever guy.

I’ve barely been on Instagram since I discovered the Camera+ app which has become my main source for photo taking.  It’s private until I no longer wish for the photos to be (if ever…you don’t see a vast number of pics…surprise)-when I share them on the Wits.  You can always choose which social media outlet you wish to share your photos if you want that option too.  It’s a wonderful app (and I’m in no way connected to them).   It has surpassed my adoration of Instagram.

The dresser I told you about, the one we refinished a few weeks ago.  Too bad our master bedroom is a mess with projects.

Since I’m on the photo app topic, I also enjoy Diptic and am still on the fence about a few others (Hipstamatic, Afterlight,Snapseed) simply because I can do more on Camera+ and it seems easier to use.  Yes, these are all on my iphone and I probably don’t need that many but I’m still experimenting.

Relaxing with a beer or what’s left rather.  

What do you use?


*We nearly finished the small dresser-it looks good to go but Greg realized, after we put the hardware on, that he set the drawer stop the way he did for the left drawer to the top right drawer but it being an old, originally beat up piece, requires the stop to be in a different spot so the drawer functions well.  He has been working long hours at his day job and unable to get to this task.  When he does, I’ll get out my “big girl camera” (Canon Powershot-yep I don’t rely on just my iphone) and snap some shots to share.



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