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We started a Facebook page for the Wits. You can “like us”, or as we say “thumbs up” us, for a show of support if you like what we do (redecorate furniture and renovate our first home), what we find (vintage and antique pieces), where we live (Minnesota), how we dress (ha), how we dance (awesome), our taste in design, are a fan of home remodeling and DIY projects, love a good painted or stained piece, want to follow the trainwreck, keep an eye on us for criminal activity or for whatever reason. Any which way Greg and I appreciate it.

Greg doesn’t use Facebook much so it will most likely be moi…just the other night Greg thought they had a thumbs down option, asking in his angry tone who would thumbs down a family picture…it was the comment symbol (I had a good laugh). Lucky for him, I’m a pro. Not sure if that’s really something to brag about.

There are a number of ways to follow us (twitter, Pinterest, flickr) that you can find on the right side of the screen, below the search. Click one and it should take you to Wit Town. Very similar to Funky Town. It gets confused all the time.

But Facebook is where you’ll find our updates, questions, answer your questions, our finds (big and small), your finds (I love when you share a good garage/estate sale, free roadside item and the like), etc.. And I’m hopeless when it comes to twitter…I just don’t understand how to effectively use it after many years so facebook is a better fit.

I often ask pals on my personal page things I should be asking you guys like which hardware/paint color, DIY advice, which whosal or whatsit to put in a room and all kinds of things along that line. I list resources for hardware, fabric, decor, vintage/thrifty stores and events around the country, spiffy etsy shops or items, other bloggers with interesting posts (a lot of fellow renovation/DIY/furniture refinishing bloggers) and all kinds of things that catch my attention.

Probably not as intrusive and annoying as asking you new or interested readers to subscribe by email (although that’s nice too and I’m not above it). Facebook has the subscription option but you can simply ‘like’ us and choose how often, if you ever do, receive updates instead of receiving it by email each time, forcing you to go and see the post or delete the email without a glance (sad face). It’s a feature I enjoy using for all those blogger personalities I stalk with a Facebook page. Their posts simply show on your news feed whenever they choose to share along with your friends and family updates. And this is big for me because after 3 years writing about food on the other site, I have yet to start a Dabble page.

Hope to see you there!

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