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Been doing some late summer blog cleaning. The pages underneath our header have been hit the hardest. I added a portfolio for our non-furniture items we’ve created, think more home decor/housewares on the ‘decor projects’ page. Some are (or were) in our etsy shop, some are in the studio or around the house not for sale. I’m working to add the post links for the how-to’s of those.

Then, I’m continuing to update our ‘furniture we’re working on’ and ‘furniture portfolio’ pages. I decided to keep the vintage finds from garage sales/estate sales/thrift stores and whatnot without their own page but they can be found in our etsy shop and read about in our category section under ‘thrifty finds.’ Most of those we put on the market don’t stick around for long anyway.

So yes, there’s now a page called ‘our house projects.’ That’s where you can keep up to date with whatever tasks we’re tackling around this first, fixer-upper home of ours. Pictures and links to our posts with the idea to keep the page updated often (we’ll see…). That page also has what we’ve accomplished so far and what we hope to accomplish in the future. Things should start to heat up on inside projects when the temps cool down. Think replacing the carpet with hardwood flooring and bath remodeling…both bathrooms. And I mean a complete reno is coming up with moving the plumbing in the basement bath and figuring out what to do with the low ductwork, if anything can be done. Ugggghhh. Since we’ve almost paid off our second debt we can increase the budget. I’m not talking a ton but definitely something easier to work with.

Anyway, basically I made things all about the furniture we overhaul, our making of housewares/decor and about our house renovations for easier navigation with these pages is the point. You’ll never have to wonder what’s going on around here on the day you stop in at the Wits.

By the way, I’m still regularly oversharing sharing (said I wanted to paint a piano this week) on our facebook page if you’d like to be a part of that fun. I’ve met some lovely people on there. Hi, Krystin! She upcycles vintage and antique furniture too with some absolutely awesome pieces. Check out her blog-Everything You Do Is A Balloon or her etsy shop.

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