Our Picks For The Basement Bathroom

Basement Bathroom
1) Ikea Grundtal Mirror $35 (but I found mine for $10 at a garage sale)
2) 2 Gatco Latitude II Single Sconce Light in Satin Nickel (I actually had to replace a broken one but 3 of the “replacement’ lights arrived broken as well…and the one I kept has a chip that will face the back) $66.50
6) 3 x 6 Menard’s White Subway Tile (this is only $.19/tile!) $150
Paint color will most likely be the batch we have from all the samples we tested for the living room.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  To see our picks for the upstairs bathroom (and find out how I get great deals) visit this link.  To check out our paint choices for the house see this post.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               The amount to finish the basement bathroom (which was completely gutted and had a new, moved doorway created) will be under $1,300.  If you read about our plans for the upstairs bathroom, estimated at under $2,300, that means 2 bathrooms finished for around $3,600.  Greg and I think that’s pretty awesome.  That’s even better than putting up a new, solid exterior door (free on craigslist) with handlesets, weatherstripping and a few other materials for about $125. Or the 8 beautiful doors we found for $300.  Or all the free furniture we pick up.  Eh, not quite.
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