Basement Bathroom Reveal

I’m coming to you with an actual completely finished room of the house-the basement bathroom (okay minus the door and touch ups to the trim).

Greg and I started on it, with some help from family, in May.  Weekends, weekday evenings and vacation time were spent on this project.  Remember, we tore the old bathroom down then started fresh.

Here’s what the old bathroom looked like…

Nasty.  The cheapest shower stall you can get (and damaged at that), gross carpet, fiberglass paneling, a window that let water flow in and just all kinds of bad.  The door would get jammed into the ductwork so that’s as far as it would open.

Keep in mind when you look at the photos (which aren’t the greatest but I couldn’t wait to share) that the bathroom is basically the same size as it was before.  We took just a smidge of space from the utility room to make the custom shower.  The ductwork runs through the middle of the basement which is what you see in the pics.  As long as you aren’t any taller than 6’3″ it is a comfortable space.  Ready to see it now?

Can I brag a lil bit and tell you this was renovated for under $1,200?  Greg did the work himself with some help from family and myself.  The paint is Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl which is the same gray green in the master bedroom.  It looks different in each room due to lighting which works for me.  You can find most of the resources from this past post.

This is my favorite room of the house right now.  A little more detail work (add some color and accessories), the addition of an actual door and we have serenity.

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