Dresser 6: Picking Up the Pieces

I know I called the sixth dresser a “he” on the last post-what was I thinking? Well, I was trying to make a nod to the song ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother’…Greg said I might have failed…moving on. It’s definitely got some feminine curves though. That will be balanced with the choices our customer and I have made in the last few days but that’s for a later post. Today I just wish to catch you up on where this project lies. In ruins. Okay, not really. But it is scattered about the garage after disassembling the hefty gal. It looks like this….

Greg loves taking things apart. The idea of making something better really warms his soul…and he really likes his tools.
Being ever so careful…
Watch those fingers, Eugene!
Scrapey scrapey the old glue
Out, damned panel! (If anyone gets my references, let me know because they are going to continue and I could use validating.)

It’s the only project we’re tackling this week/weekend. Oh, we sold dressers 1 and 2 Monday! Doh-I can’t believe I didn’t mention that joyful news. They are going to a nice, young couple in St. Louis Park, Minnesota who happen to be moving to NYC in less than a week for their careers. They said our dressers were the only furniture they were bringing. That makes happy tears of flattery show up in my eye and a happy dance to my legs. We’re delivering the last one Saturday and spending some time in what we call ‘the Cities’ which basically means the Twin Cities. We live about 45 minutes south, in a town still described as the metro…I don’t get it. It’s only our third year in Minnesota. Anywho, I’m a foodie and I only get to venture to Whole Foods a few times a year so I’m mega-excited and somewhere new and different will be our lunch spot. Might take a peaksy at another piece of furniture or two. Putting an entire, well-rounded trip together is efficient and that’s how I try to roll.

I’m even more excited that we have 4 more projects lined up. Three women have been great communicators wanting fabulous dressers and one desk-two local and one in St. Louis. When we dive into those, you will see the whole shebang. It might sound like I’m trying to reel in birthday wishes but I don’t care, my 29th birthday is this Labor Day-September 5th. My mom’s birthday is the day before…I was a present…a statement she may not agree with for my entire life. I tell people I was a present with a goofy, ornery grin on my face. I know better. Have a happy weekend!

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