Flea Markets and City-Wide Garage Sales

While the pup recovers from his “snip snip surgery” and pouts upstairs, I’m in my office studio buzzing about Gold Rush Days in Oronoco, Minnesota this weekend. (And my honey’s birthday.) It’s not very often we get to go to events because of money, travel/time off from Greg’s day job, and lack of finding someone to watch Henry dog. Sure we went to the Junk Bonanza last year and had a good time, although it wasn’t really our cup of tea. (I was surprised by that too!) It was still lovely seeing how the booths were staged and the atmosphere if we should ever decide to be a vendor in such an event. Talent and creativity abounded that’s for sure.

But Gold Rush Days, from the looks of the past events in pictures, seems more our scene. Low-key, not too staged, like you’re going to have to dig for treasures and I like getting down and dirty searching for unique pieces. I like being the one to salvage the thing. I’m not very girly nor into shabby chic all that much so that could explain the appeal. Being surrounded by people who appreciate the same things that we do and the inspiration that comes with that will be great too. I’m as excited about the small, vintage items as I am about a possible furniture find. The only issue is that we have only so much moolah allotted with the ol’ budget and we have room for maybe one piece of furniture and a few smaller things in our Subaru Forester. Someday we’ll have something bigger to haul our finds and deliver our salvaged furniture. Someday.

The bonus though is that we aren’t so far away we can’t come back for something (that is something paid and held by the seller…I’m not crazy enough to believe something will still be there the following day). Garage sales are great and all but they are not to this level. I think my mind will be blown when we arrive. To think there was once a time I was not very fond of flea markets and antiques. I was a fool. I was a child.

That said, we have plans to go again to the city-wide garage sale in a town near us mid-September, Cannon Falls. While verifying that info, I came across this website for Minnesota city-wide garage sale listings! That makes my day. Last year in Cannon Falls we found a house that had amazing mid-century and vintage furniture, clothing and knickknacks. There were some free seats we passed on…I think I mentioned this and we thought gee, no one will be interested and we’ll come back. Rookie mistake. We saw those seats on craigslist and etsy the next day for $600. Never found out if they sold or not. I was in a corner for the next week, hitting myself and repeating stupid, stupid, stupid. Kidding. Slightly.

Are there any events you’re going to and/or freaking out about?

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