Flotsam and Jetsam

Having one of those weeks where pictures say it best so heres ya go. But you know it won’t be just pictures with me. Actually this is a fairly new blog and you may not know that about me…might need one of those “talk about myself” posts. Didn’t you always love those questionnaires about your favorite this and that in school?

Last weekend we cleaned up parts of what we call “the pine area.” The saplings and roots are gone. You couldn’t take a step without tripping over something. Wish I had a before picture. The posts against the tree are to keep some star-crossed lovers (our male pup and the female neighbor pup) from jumping to be with each other. We’re back to making piles of yardwaste again. I was not pleased but knew it was coming since we still have at least a dozen bag’s worth of waste to collect. Back to the compost someday. We also have quite the collection of treated lumber and varnish/paint/whatnot left by the previous owner. Like the high-class people we are, they and the lumber we removed for the spare parking spaces are in our driveway with no idea when they will be removed. Stayin’ classy.

It was rainy most of the weekend and we spent a good deal of time prepping the two dressers for paint and stain. One got the new birch veneer treatment I mentioned before and the other got the Soy-Gel service (review to come).

I should show you the before dressers but for some reason I want to be secretive about these projects. They are going to be a little delayed because we are housesitting some of the weekend and I changed my mind (again) about the hardware. I mean the painted piece is my favorite color so it deserves some kickass pulls. Gladly wait for those suckers.

Almost forgot-we, and by we I mean Greg on this one, took the old shades down in the kitchen to expose the old wallpaper. Stylish, no? The blinds were probably original to our 1952 home and the same ones in the bedroom. Attached to a wood board next to the existing trim on one window and directly attached to the trim at the sink window. (Much work to do on the trim around here…it took a beating.)

My week was spent organizing our file cabinets and desk. Proud to announce that sh** is under control. It’s a task I dread every few years but it’s really not that bad because I secretly thrive on making life more efficient and am rather good at it. Greg likes to challenge this even though he seems to be fairly organized at work. I swear the man was put in my life to help me ease up on things of this matter. That’s why the house isn’t clean. (Yeah, that’s why…) Love that guy.

Found this vintage wall-mounted Falstaff beer opener my pop-in-law gave us years ago. We’re beer drinkers and wine and mixed drinkies. We are pro-alcohol I guess is what I’m saying. I was told it could be a hot commodity.

I’m off to eat some lunch and to paint. But not to eat the paint. Made that mistake before. True story: my husband didn’t mention that I had paint on my face-lip region once on a quick trip to the store. He let me walk around talking to the employees and then I finally saw it in the car mirror on the way home. I’m probably referred to as ol’ paint lips around these parts. Could be worse I suppose.

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