My drunkard lush puppy knocked over his glass of wine on my laptop the other night. After some dry time, it came back to life then (not joking), died again as soon as Greg, my husband, left for work but only after using it to check some email without a single issue. It’s still not functioning hours later. Hopefully with a little dry time, all will be well and we won’t have to figure out how to purchase a new one. I think it involves something called cash or currency in exchange for the item but I’m not familiar with the term ‘cash’ as a new homeowner.

I’m on the dinosaur laptop, Brachio-Dell, that’s barely functioning. If it doesn’t go extinct, I could be in business for a short period of time. Trying to download my desktop from the other computer-thanks to Carbonite’s back-up-is proving to be a major pain in the arse.

Anywhosal, I might be absent for an unknown amount of time.

Lush puppy
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