Product Review: Magid Glove & Safety and Backyard Update

Greg is picky about products. Quality is key and I am, from years with this man paired with my own level of “particular-ness,” just as choosy about certain products. From tools, equipment, boots, paint, hardware, etc., and we feel we have every right to be since a product can make or break a piece, project or your back. I make fun of my husband sometimes (you should see the man try to make a decision about shoes) but what it comes down to is that we’d rather research and spend the money on quality items we’ll use time and again. Take for instance, my last post about the laptop being destroyed…it’s not coming back, folks, so we’re researching a new computer (bad timing for budget) and will soon buy, most likely, an imac or other quality item. Hopefully very soon because to produce this post is taking 3 times longer and making my old computer smell like burning. Anyway…

But when you’re given an opportunity to get these awesome products for free, you just can’t pass it up. That’d be crazy.

You see, we were given a special offer to try some of Magid Gloves for free in turn for a review on our site. Sounds fair. And we also don’t support causes and products we don’t believe in- it’s just our thing. After looking over the company and their safety gear, we agreed. Magid provides businesses with safety solutions/products, such as, hearing protection, respirators, first aid kits, eyewear, protective clothing, ergonomic items and much more. Fast delivery, efficient shipping methods (some of my recent experiences with companies prove they could learn a few lessons from Magid), “leading manufacturer, importer, distributor and direct supplier” (impressive) of protection equipment with a kind and responsive rep. We were in. Unlike an offer we had to put an ad up for a casino…what?!

When he first laid eyes on these gloves, his face lit up. “Oooh, Kevlar-nice,” and “goatskin leather-ah” (as in wow, soft yet durable…Greg has kangaroo leather gloves he cherishes from his childhood so gloves are his thing). Cut/puncture resistant was important to me and you could tell these weren’t your use and toss in a week kind of products flooding the market.

Greg and I began wearing them around like the weirdos we are…doing activities not needing gloves just to get a feel for their comfort and durability. We used the Kevlar/Lycra pair for some work on current woodworking projects downstairs (show you later of course) and the the Kevlar/leather pair outside for yard work. Both proved superior to anything we’ve had before and the form fitting style, comfort and durability were vastly greater than previous pairs we’ve purchased. These gloves are amazing pieces of quality work so we’d like to see the word spread.

The weekend came, as it tends to do with great relief, and we put these babies to good use. Actually, I had a head start and worked outside a few days (and 9 hours longer than Greg…a point I kept making when he made fun of how sore I was compared to him) last week, ripping out the last of that pesky ivy.

The day I took the ivy on alone.

During what we called our “clean up and organize what we’ve done before and let go” weekend, the gloves came out again. There were at least 20 bags (39-gallon yard waste bags to be precise) sat behind our garden shed with the removed trellis, fence, yard ornaments, rocks, brush and other debris. Thus we began two, yes two, full days of visits to the compost site, pruning, removal of vines, various dead plants, and one clothesline post buried 4 feet in the ground (ouch) and we also “attacked” the side yard where limbs came down, dirt came out, the giant pile Greg made that I told him not to (ahem) was raked into 23 of those 39-gallon bags (after our already twenty-something were taken to the dump) in our new wheelbarrow (a real Truper-ha-not free).

Not our backyard but the compost site in town. They look similar....wish I were joking.
The new batch of yardwaste to remove...never seems to end.

The gloves did not tear, the wrists fit snug even after putting them on and off a hundred times and my fingers didn’t hurt like they did with the other gloves we used to rip/dig out most of the ivy and countless plants. The grip was wonderful and they are ready to keep rocking for many weekends to come. And you know there are plenty of those left with this backyard/house renovation task. Things are really starting to shape up around here.

We can dig it and we did.

Side note: just before Easter, I found a bunny nest by our garage, in the ivy, and I used those gloves to move the nest from harm since I had exposed them. So for tough jobs or actions done with care, these gloves can do it all…corny, I know but the bunnies were adorable and had to make their way into my post.

Bunnies not mice.

The mom found her babies and took them away which is dandy since I am the type of person to care for orphan animals even if they are considered pests to some. I just hope they aren’t around here causing more damage to the property as we’ve witnessed on the last 5 or 6 weekends of outdoor work.

Next weekend, we’ll be back to the compost site, back to borrowing our neighbor’s truck (we put a number of bags in our Subaru Forester which worked but a truck was easier), and back to removing various items that have worn out their welcome. I’m preparing for a garage sale as well. I’m pretty good, if I do say so myself, putting those together.

Believe it or not, this is cleaner than it was.
This must go too...cue Gone With the Wind music...after all, next weekend is another weekend.

Big thanks to Magid Glove & Safety-your rep was right to think they’d be a good match for our projects!

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