In Our House

Welcome to 2012! I don’t know why but even numbers (and right turns) are more appealing to me. Call me a weirdo. But I could be extra excited about this year because we’re so in love with our first home. Greg and I jumped right into projects. I attacked a few closets after oh, about 5 minutes in the door.

We’ve been here for a little over 2 weeks with most of the work happening over the extended weekends (too bad those are gone for a long time). Hello, hammer, crowbar and being exhausted in the best way!

I’ll spare you most of the boring details of our holiday season, resist posting a “best of 2011” or the “what I learned in 2011” post and instead show you some pictures of the house with a few shots of things that went on in my writing absence.

I find myself, in moments of rest, saying “I can’t believe we have a house” followed by a big smile. Greg does the same. It’s bigger than we thought even with our oversized, modern furniture. The ceiling is awesome. The soft water rocks. The dishwasher actually cleans. We can do laundry whenever we want in our very own washer and dryer. We have a basement and garage. We have nice neighbors that bring us welcoming gifts-a candle and some homegrown frozen raspberries.

The ceiling

We’re working to make it great for resale in 3 to 5 years (update 2014: turned out to be less than 3) and at the same time, work within our tastes as much as we can but there will have to be compromise.

Our style is not your average Midwesterner’s ideal. (I’m having a hard time finding super dark hardwood flooring in a 50 mile radius.) We also hope to get a renter in a few months to help with the cost which gives us incentive to get that area remodeled pronto.

Thus far it doesn’t look like much and I’m light-years away from getting to the decorating portion. It doesn’t stop me from planning though. Anyone looked at my Pinterest boards lately? Crammed full of inspiration.

I’m learning from my experienced husband, absorbing information like the crazy-eyed, new home buyer I am. Our evenings are spent doing a little demo and repairs followed by a meal, shower, maybe a little tv watching or research online.

The furniture refinishing room is set up and ready to go (something I will be working on during the week). Good thing because we have a nursery dresser to start for a client. I also scheduled to pick up another dresser.

In the midst of working on the house, I started sewing again after a long time away. Not to paint the picture that I was ever an avid sewer. Not me. I also started working on a few projects for our etsy store-think along the lines of picture frames, fabric and wallpaper. Plus we picked up a cane barrel chair for $19 at a local shop which will be for upholstery practice. I love being busy.


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