Weekend Scores

Weekend post…wha? You bet! I’m sharing some antique finds on our facebook page. It’s kind of what I do on the weekend so if you want to see our scores and have a facebook account go to that link above.

A little background on these finds…which is rare all in one place, was due to a local, kind woman contacting me to say she has a barn full of antiques that she and her husband would love to get rid of in preparation for a move. We stopped by last weekend and picked out what we loved and can afford (even though I’d like more of the items) and picked up the rest yesterday. (On the way back we spotted a sale on a farm and picked up a little something that I have yet to share on facebook.)

I will try to put a few more of the pieces up Sunday and of course, I will talk about them a little more next week.

Good weekend and good weekend to you!

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