Winter Kill

It ain’t pretty, folks.   Our yard this year that is.  Just as I said we wouldn’t be working on the outside much if at all we have to or I’m going to cry and flip my freak.  I’m already having feelings of running away hence the talk of moving near Seattle sooner.  So tempting.  We knew we weren’t finished last year and that we were putting things at a blank slate level.  But, I want to enjoy stepping outside again instead of immediately making mental notes a mile long of things we have yet to do and feeling overwhelmed.  I have that feeling inside the house so there isn’t much escape.

That was our yard last year (after 6 months of work weekend after weekend).  Lovely, healthy, growing compared to this.

Some homes around here show lawn damage from “winter kill” and some of us lucky folks have yards (this is our front below) that look like this thanks to it.  Snow into May and death to the grass/plants just doesn’t seem fair.

Yeah, that’s paint on the window we need to scrape off.  

We put down grass seed and are watering daily.  Please grow and be pretty again.  I don’t have a picture of the side of the house but it’s lacking grass too.  Embarrassing.  We knew we’d have to plant more grass on the side and back yard but we did not anticipate the front having issues.

We’ll be working on the yard, the area between the 3 season and garage, the landscape on the side of the house and other things in the coming weekends.

Since it’s finally warm outside (temps will reach 90+ today), we tackled the clean up before the beautification.  Leaves were raked, branches picked up that snapped off from the weight of the snow from a few weeks ago, the million tiny twigs are mostly gone, the random tulips and plants that popped up (the ones we thought we took out last year) were dug up and plants have been pruned.  Only one more trip to the local compost site to go.  A little more rose trimming and ridding of the driveway weeds and we’re on our way to things looking better.

I came up with an inexpensive way to improve our ugly outdoor space.  Obviously had to be done.

Over this fantastic weekend (read more relaxing ), Greg and I bought some plastic edging and stakes, made plans to pick up some pavers and priced some plants and mulch.  We took advantage of the Mother’s Day deals and bought a fire pit and some outdoor folding chairs for half price.  And this weekend (Greg took last Friday and is taking this Friday off-yay) is the Goods for Good garage sales in town.  Over 25 families and organizations with the proceeds benefiting charities and great causes.  You know I’m excited.


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