1 Year

Not to gross you out or anything but this here cold has turned into a full-fledged something worse…I don’t know what but this is day 5 of feeling off. Time for a different healing tactic (not DayQuil because we all know what that did from my last post).

With today marking the 1 year existence of the Wit’s Furniture Redecorating and Design (I recently created that title), I should be pumped/psyched/happily delusional without the aid of medication. All I want to do is rest though. I’ll leave the celebrating for the weekend aka when I expect to feel 100% again. And celebrating means more tilling the backyard and possible garage sales. Which you know I consider exciting. Never know what you mind find.

Instead of writing about the architectural salvage store, like I’d planned, I want to thank you supporters, readers, clients, buyers, fellow bloggers and furniture refinishers, craigslist and etsy. Not that I wasn’t going to. You inspire and keep us going!

We appreciate your support, advice, encouragement, questions and opinions. Here’s to more growth, support and passion in the future! And to more great finds and overhauls! (I promised myself I wouldn’t get teary but I did. Total sap.) Seriously thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

Annie and Greg Witkamp

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