New Attic Entry

Look who finally has a new attic entry. We do! Sure we need a few more parts (rungs to continue going up).

Yep, it's up there. And no, this will not remain a giant hole in the wall with stairs.

Thanks to my husband, Greg, and father-in-law, Greg (Big Greg as I call him). Over the family visit, this was their task while I watched and snapped a photo once in a while. It seemed like great bonding time.

Greg wriggled his way into the old, tiny opening and I followed to snap a picture and make sure he was okey dokey. Tight spaces and I are not friends.

I popped my head into the attic to keep an eye on my husband, reminding him of the time he stuck his foot through the ceiling in his mom's old office.

He took inventory of where the new entry would be and then figured out how to pull this thing off.

They built the “stairs to nowhere” as we called it.

Cut the entry and voila! (Of course, it was more difficult than that but I was an onlooker this time…with a vision in mind, still to be completed.)

Then it was this for a loooong time (more important things to do I guess)

What vision is that? (Because you darn well know it was not simply for a new attic entrance, not just trying to figure out how to utilize the weird built-in hutch that used to exist but to take advantage and make something functional and cool.)

Those stairs will need to be hidden and that is where the whole shebang will come together, make you “ah, now I get it.” Which will have to wait til we can afford the parts…or maybe I’ve already shared the plans with you and can’t remember. Oh well, no reviewing on my part then. Plenty of other things to do right now. Ciao!

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