DIY Vent Cover, Weekend Finds and More

You know at the beginning of Glee how they do a recap of things going on or things you’ve missed? (Or used to, I haven’t seen that show in awhile.) That’s how today is going to go down.

Here’s the credenza we picked up at Find Furnish a few weekends ago.  Looks very similar to our old one but is the perfect size-eventually we’ll repair him but he’s definitely all ours.

The honed hexagon marble tile for the bathroom floor arrived (packed very well with foam) and I love it.

This flooring is no longer blocking our way. Went back on the truck on its pallet last night. And the company wasn’t so awful and decided to give us all but $200 back.

Too bad half of it was unusable because the good pieces were beautiful.

My awesome mom made this reusable bag out of plastic bags and sent me one.

The dogs are as adorable as ever and Vivi is basically her adult size even though she’s not quite 6 months old.

Sigh, they grow so fast.

Here’s the vent cover (I guess I couldn’t be bothered that day to get a decent picture but I’ll try again when the room is in order) made with decorative sheet metal from Home Depot and some scrap lumber.  By the way, we decided to change the trim from Paper White to Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore which is going on this door below.

The closet doors will be hung soon in our bedroom. Yes, the basement still looks like a dungeon. Only not really.

We ordered a few more schoolhouse lights for around the house. Here’s the one in the kitchen (a bigger version of the one in the hall)…with the screwy background where the previous owners attached the old blinds to 2 x 4s and tried to make it look like the window casing. (It’s like that in the bedrooms too…a later fix.) The kitchen is possibly the ugliest room in here but I’ll think about the renovation plans later.

Over the weekend, we picked up this piece of art…that I’ve had my eye on the last 3 times we’ve gone into my favorite shop in town, the Local Joint. Finally just picked it up for $24. I love the colors and the frame shape (even though it has a few chips).  It’s on top of the credenza, leaning against the wall.  Looks great with the gray. I’ll fix and place it with the other pieces I’ve yet to collect and put them in a collage.

Then the best find EVER in my books, an aggravation board. As in the game I played with my grandpa. This one has a 4 player version on one side and 6 on the other. Woot woot! I bought some marbles and dice. Now to teach the dogs to play…which didn’t go so well for euchre. Greg and I lost. Damn smart dogs.

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