What is Etsy?

Most people have heard of ebay, some craigslist, some Paypal (even though I’m baffled by the amount who haven’t) and fewer, it seems from my experience, have heard of etsy.

When someone asks what it is I want to say you know…etsy…and then stare awkwardly holding back from yelling just how important and (business) life-sustaining it is to Greg and I and millions of others. It’s like ebay but for handmade or vintage items, where you’ll find unique/creative items made or found by unique and creative people. An online marketplace where one-of-a-kind merchandise reigns supreme.

A place where Greg and I can be seen, appreciated, valued, recognized. If it didn’t exist, we would have difficulty thriving and growing. A place our furniture (and other items) can be purchased by those looking for a unique piece, by people who want to support small businesses. It’s a way for small businesses to become larger businesses. It’s a community where you can find answers and make new friends. It’s a resource for our business supplies. Some people are really missing out.

As etsy says:

“Etsy is the world’s most vibrant handmade marketplace. Etsy celebrates individual creativity in design and craftsmanship by connecting unique people, stories and items in a playful and meaningful way. Etsy provides a marketplace for crafters, artists and collectors to sell their handmade creations, vintage goods and crafting supplies.”

I was given a graphic to share showing the facts, figures, numbers behind etsy these days and I believe it to be a perfect way to show just how far etsy has come. Who loves you, etsy? (We do and we’re obviously not alone.)

Etsy MBA
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