Garage Sale Finds

Whatever Greg was sick with last week I now have and I am this post away from placing myself on the couch and snoozing.

Don’t believe I shared these photos from a few weekends ago after we completed the paver patio and mulch addition.  I wish plants were in the budget right now. 

But, I missed sharing anything with you last week and feel like I’m leaving you in the dark because some big (big to us anyway) things are going on at our house in what seems like Annie and Greg’s typical random fashion…even though we plot and plan most everything and we’re not at all random people.  It’s weird for us to start a project we had no intention of doing on the day we first mention it (like the kitchen wall).  That “thing” will have to wait to be shared since we’re about 85% done and I’d much rather show you when more things come together.  Hint: it has to do with this landscape update.

This was the space before.

My parents (that would be Annie/the ones who remodeled their bathroom, kitchen and mudroom) and sister are driving from Indiana to visit us in a few weeks and we can’t wait!  It will be their first visit to our house.  They will be here for about a week and are helping us tackle the basement.  In preparation for that rather large project (which includes fixing up the bathroom down there so we can use it while we improve the upstair’s bath), Greg and I have organized the basement, placing almost everything in the studio or garage.  The few furniture refinishing projects we have left will be completed outside.

Oh, and the front yard “winterkill” problem has been fixed.  No more dead lawn (except some puppy potty spots) thanks to hours of hand cultivating, lots of grass seed and fertilizer.  The backyard is up next for the same treatment although it is looking much nicer as well.

Instead of dishing on the task taking most of our attention for the last 2 weekends, I’d like to share with you those good, old fashioned garage sale finds I did so much last year.  These items are from the last month of our weekend hunting.

$3 thick maple butcher block top (already started to sand and make plans for it) and free smaller butcher block for a cutting board

Free-yes, free-antique walnut spindle bed (Jenny Lind) that needs a little work but I love it.

Besides the patio table/chairs and free front door (although from craigslist and not garage sales), this year so far had been the season of “new, never worn” clothing that I won’t share because well, they are clothes.  You wear them, you’ve seen them, you get it.  I will say I found a great chambray jacket and white jeans along with beautiful tunic-type tops that are popular now for very little moolah at several yard sales.  I admit the majority of my closet and dresser is from garage, estate and thrift stores (and Target’s clearance rack).  I wear that badge proudly.

No joke-I found all 3 of these exact tins last year (the bright floral one was in a canister shape and not a box but the motif is the same) and sold them on etsy. The hear-no, see-no, speak-no evil monkeys are solid brass and all 4 things together were $6.50.

This $2 toy grabbed Greg’s attention at a garage sale and with a little research (and the help of some friends) I found out that Holgate is a very old toy company and premier maker of wooden toys in America.  This 7-way pull might be from 1948 and worth a nice sum.

What have you found lately?  Now excuse me, the couch is calling.



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