Monthly Archives: July 2012

Exit Strategy

So, that little secret I mentioned in the last post about the bittersweet quality of Greg’s promotion due to its impact on our goals and timeline. Yeah, let’s talk about that. It’s kind of a big deal. Like Barney Stinson … Continue reading

Mod Dresser Reveal

Tur-dur! The retro/mid-century/vintage/clean-lined/mod dresser is finally finished. I don’t know what to call it beyond done. It ended up dark grey (gray to some), like a few others but only with a somewhat glossy, poly finish and I love it. … Continue reading

Breaking News

Breaking news: Greg was just promoted to head design engineer and will be working at the company’s other facility closer to Minneapolis. That comes with a raise. I can’t wrap my brain around this yet but I just had to … Continue reading

The Huffington Post

Here I am among several other boozy float recipes on the Huffington Post. Happy day for my food blog! I’ll be back with more relevant talk of furniture and reno later.

Things I Look Forward To

Let’s see, what have we been up to…there was removing the largest stump from the backyard (still are digging and chopping away at it in the evenings), starting the beginning phases of refinishing-sanding-a few new pieces, watering the new grass … Continue reading