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The Past Week

Before I get all ranty about the past week really testing my patience, I’ll just put one sentence per instance of those tests. Semi-ranty but not a 2000 word post. Feel free to tell me what’s getting your goat. 1) … Continue reading

Hit the Jackpot

Those two up there are the best deals of the weekend…not counting the free stuff. The place: near our house The event: garage sale The price (for both): $11.50 I feel like there should be slot machine winning noises in … Continue reading

The 50th Post

This weekend was a goodie-probably more of a greatie. Even though we were both away from our moms for Mother’s Day (they live in Indiana as most of our family does). We had another work-outside-all-day-into-the-evening splendid time. An estate sale … Continue reading

Flotsam and Jetsam

Having one of those weeks where pictures say it best so heres ya go. But you know it won’t be just pictures with me. Actually this is a fairly new blog and you may not know that about me…might need … Continue reading

In Our House

Welcome to 2012! I don’t know why but even numbers (and right turns) are more appealing to me. Call me a weirdo. But I could be extra excited about this year because we’re so in love with our first home. … Continue reading